• My primary goal is to advocate for the interests of Ann Arbor and First Ward residents.

    • I help our neighbors with problems ranging from snow removal to garbage pick up to solving traffic problems.

    • On council, I continue to fight for issues that are important to First Ward residents. I oppose developments that threaten our neighborhoods.


    • I am an independent voice on council, keeping an open mind while taking into account all sides of the issues and voting based on the facts.

    • I am a Democrat.  I don’t check my values at the door. I don’t belong to any Council faction.  


    • I listen to the issues and concerns that First Ward residents bring me.  I contact residents when something is on the horizon that I believe is important to them.

    • By holding regular office hours, meeting frequently with constituents and attending neighborhood meetings and events, I stay in touch with our community.

    • My twice-monthly newsletters are a way to share my views and solicit the views of my constituents.  The newsletters also keep people informed about Council actions and agendas.


    It's the people who make Ann Arbor so special. We are a community of diverse and exciting neighborhoods. We love our neighborhoods and want to keep them safe. We enjoy the many opportunities the City offers. We expect our community to embrace the future while respecting our heritage.

    I have worked with residents to challenge out-of-scale development in every case. 

    City Services

    City services – from fire and police to snow plowing and street paving – form the core of what we expect from our local government. Because we face decisions that affect our quality of life, I encourage City staff to be responsive and effective.


    Ann Arbor has distinct neighborhoods that have their own characteristics and issues. We want to make certain they retain their personalities as they change. I will continue to support well-planned infill development for neighborhoods.

    Ann Arbor benefits from sustaining, encouraging and retaining small retailers and locally-owned businesses. Neighborhoods, businesses and the City, all working together, will keep Ann Arbor a great college town.

    Your involvement in your neighborhood and city-wide issues enriches the community. I listen to your concerns and opinions because it's our city, paid for by our taxes. I am committed to an open, responsive City government, and continue to promote increased public involvement and greater transparency in government.

    Parks and Open Space

    I work closely with the Allen Creek Greenway supporters, and have advocated for the creation of the Greenway. That involvement has resulted in the upcoming creation of an anchor for the Greenway at 721 N. Main. 

    Sometimes residents are not comforatable with the way others' use the parks.  While I support designated dog parks, I understand the hesitation some users have over unleashed dogs in nature areas.  I'd like to see unleashed 'hours' be part of our policies, although that doesn't seem to be part of the discussion.

    Endorsement policy

    The first time I ran for Council, the entire Council (except for Bob Johnson) endorsed one of the other guys.  After I won the primary – and the general – election, those same folks were reluctant to work with me.  I learned from this experience.
    I don’t endorse in Council races.  I don’t endorse other Council members or challengers.  I don’t endorse candidates for Mayor.
    And I don’t ask for anyone’s endorsement.
    The best compliment I can receive is the acknowledgement that I’ve done my job. 

    Contact me!

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